Shea’s YBA Tutoring Program

Shea’s YBA offers tutoring/homework help to each and every player of the program.  Shea’s YBA tutoring will take place in the computer lab at the HYCC, a public school establishment, or any other public establishment approved by the organization, the tutor, and the parent/guardian of the student. The tutoring may need to take place at a public school if the tutor is a teacher at that specific school, in order for it to be feasible for the teacher doing the tutoring. 

These sessions are only open to participants of the Shea’s YBA program, from the start of the winter program in late November, and continuing through the end of the school year.  Please fill out the form below and you will receive a reply e-mail at our earliest convenience to discuss options, and to schedule dates and times to receive assistance.  Education is a very important aspect of youth development and we would like the program participants to have the tools necessary to help them succeed in the classroom, and eventually in the workplace.