2017 Three Point Shootout Representatives

The Shea’s YBA Winter Basketball Program
is unlike any school basketball, travel basketball, or recreational basketball program that you will find. We hold an 11 game regular-season equipped with practices spread out throughout the season. We present league awards Including MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, All-Star Game MVP, 3 Point Shootout Champion, as well as a Most Improved Player and Sportsmanship Award for each team. These awards are given out at our annual

Award Ceremony and All-Star Game,
equipped with a 3 Point Shootout at halftime. The playoffs consist of a best 2 out of 3 format, with the first team to win 2 games advancing to the next round.

It’s a first-come first-served basis and not a tryout format, and is open to players from all over to Cape Cod. We hold the Shea’s YBA Draft prior to each season, in which all registered players are expected to attend a two-hour evaluation of skills and drills, followed by pickup games. This allows coaches to rate players prior to drafting, and ensures the teams are balanced as evenly as possible.

There are 2 subsets of the winter basketball program that each participant is expected to attend. The 1st is The Shea’s YBA Lend a Hand Program. The Lend a Hand program consists of community outreach projects that take place throughout each year (primarily in the fall). Whether it be a Shea’s YBA event, accompanying us in efforts to collaborate with other local nonprofits, or assisting with town projects from time to time. Prior to completion of the winter program, each player is required to complete at least 4 hours of community service in some aspect of the Shea’s YBA Lend a Hand Program.

Gravestone cleaning on 10/16/2016 – Dennis Village Cemetery

The 2nd event is the Beyond Basketball initiation event, in which we recognize former players with our Hall of Fame inductions, handout uniforms for the upcoming season, introduce players to their teammates and coaches, and invite guest speakers to speak to the group from a place of personal experience and expertise. These guest speakers primarily focus on one or more of the following topics: substance abuse awareness and the dangers of addiction (Our number 1 topic and priority), the truth about the street life and crime awareness, diet and exercise, anti-bullying and treating others with respect, and proper social media protocol – what’s okay and what’s not.

Shea’s YBA is free of charge to all participants that complete their community service prior to the start of the basketball season. For those that do not, a $50 deposit will be required on the night of the draft, and can be refunded upon request after completion of the players required community service (Please see our deposit/refund policy for further details). Shea’s YBA also offers free homework help/tutoring sessions to all program participants. These sessions are carried out by current and former teachers and local professionals and college graduates of the community. These sessions are available by appointment beginning at the start of our winter program (late November) and continuing through the end of the school year.

2015 Summer Program – Johnny Kelly Park – 180 Old Bass River Rd., South Dennis

The summer basketball program starts in early July and ends at the conclusion of the 2nd week of August. It consists of a different format and structure and details about summer basketball can be found by clicking the link in the previous sentence. Sign up for summer basketball opens on June 1. The summer program is open to both boys and girls.

Shea’s YBA is truly a youth development program and is not tolerant of players disrespecting other players, referees, or coaches of the program. We have a strict 3 strikes and you’re out policy for players that disrespect others and consider themselves above the standards of the rest of the program. This organization takes many volunteers to run the program. We don’t do it because we have to, but because we want to. That being said, please leave personal issues, bad mornings, conspiracy theories, and attitudes at the door. This goes for both players and parents. A strike is giving out for conduct deemed detrimental to the league. Although there are some things that will automatically warrant a strike, many of them are situational and easily avoidable by being positive and bringing a good attitude.

Dion Young gives a very engaging lecture on the street life and where it will lead you – Beyond Basketball 2014