Deposit and Refund Policy

Shea’s Youth Basketball Association offers free services to each and every participant of the program. Every player that has not yet completed their community service will be required to leave a $50 deposit that is refundable at the end of the season upon request and completion of our two mandatory events (Lend a Hand and Beyond Basketball). If a parent or guardian makes a special request to have the deposit voided because of certain circumstances, it must be requested and discussed prior to the opening weekend of the program. Players that quit, receive a strike (conduct), or miss more than 5 games are not eligible for a refund. Families will have from the end of the winter program (March 1) until July 1, to claim the $50 deposit for the winter program.

For the Shea’s YBA Summer Basketball Program players will be required to leave a $25 deposit prior to or on the first night of summer basketball. The purpose of the $25 deposit is to ensure commitment for those taking one of these spots. That being said, though many donate the money back to the organization, the $25 deposit is available for refund at the end of the summer for any families inquiring, assuming the participant did not receive a strike for conduct issues. Families will have from the end of the summer program (late August) until December 1, to claim the $25 refund for summer basketball.

If eligible, please feel free to fill out the form below to receive a refund of your deposit. The refund in the form of a check, will be sent to you via postal mail. These checks are only made out to the parents/guardians.


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