Rules and Regulations

Games consist of 4, 10 minute quarters.

Substitutions are made halfway through each quarter.

Each player must receive at least 15 minutes or 3 segments of playing time (one segment = 5 minutes or one half of a quarter) and no more than 25 min. or 5 segments of playing time.

Technical fouls will be awarded to both players and coaches at the referees discretion. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will automatically result in a technical foul (screaming, yelling at, or making fun of another player).

A technical foul will result in 2 shots and the ball for the opposing team.

2 technical fouls will automatically result in ejection.

A written violation will be handed out for conduct violations deemed detrimental to the league. Any physical fighting will automatically result in expulsion.

If a player gets 3 written violations he will be asked to leave the league for violating our conduct policy.

The clock will stop at every foul shot and also in the last 2 minutes of every quarter.

In the event of a tie, a four-minute overtime period will be played to determine a winner.

A player will foul out of the game once he reaches 5 fouls.

There is no restrictions on full-court presses except that if a team is leading by more than 15 points they are not allowed to press.

Each coach is issued 2, 60 second timeouts per half

There will be no defensive 3 seconds in the key violation (due to zone defenses), but there will be an offensive 3 seconds in the key violation.

A team must have at least 4 players show up or they will forfeit the game.  Under no circumstances will a player from one team play on the other team unless they are permanently switched to the other team.

Each team has 8 seconds to advance the ball past half court.

Once a team reaches 7 fouls in a half (2 quarters), the other team will shoot 1 and 1 free throws.  Once a team reaches 10 fouls in a half, the opposing team will receive 2 free throw attempts. Once a team commits 2 fouls in the final 2 min. of the 4th quarter the opposing team will automatically receive a 1 and 1 free-throw situation regardless if the team has a total of 7 team fouls or not (NBA Rule).

Playoff tiebreaker rules for Shea’s YBA:

A. If 2 teams are tied:

  • irst look to head to head records, if this does not clarify, for example: both teams are 1-1 against each other,
  • then cumulative point differential (total points scored for a team minus total points scored against a team for the season) will be used
  • the team with the higher cumulative point differential will be the higher seed

B.  If 3 or more teams are tied:

  • first look to head to head records, if this does not clarify, for example: team 1 beat 2, 2 beat 3, and 3 beat 1 etc.
  • then cumulative point differential will be used
  • the team with the highest cumulative point differential will be the higher seed