Shea’s Youth Basketball Association offers free services to each and every participant of the program. Every player that has not yet completed their community service will be required to leave a $50 deposit that is refundable at the end of the season upon request and completion of our two mandatory events (Lend a Hand and Beyond Basketball). If a parent or guardian makes a special request to have the deposit voided because of certain circumstances, it must be requested and discussed prior to the opening weekend of the program. Players that quit, receive a strike (conduct), or miss more than 5 games are not eligible for a refund. Families will have from the end of the winter program (March 1) until July 1, to claim the $50 deposit for the winter program.

For the Shea’s YBA Summer Basketball Program players will be required to leave a $25 deposit prior to or on the first night of summer basketball. The purpose of the $25 deposit is to ensure commitment for those taking one of these spots. That being said, though many donate the money back to the organization, the $25 deposit is available for refund at the end of the summer for any families inquiring, assuming the participant did not receive a strike for conduct issues. Families will have from the end of the summer program (late August) until December 1, to claim the $25 refund for summer basketball.

If eligible, please feel free to fill out the form below to receive a refund of your deposit. The refund in the form of a check, will be sent to you via postal mail. These checks are only made out to the parents/guardians.

Refund Form

    Participant's Name
    Who Should The Check Be Made Out To (Must Be A Parent/Guardian Or Relative Over 18 Years Of Age)*