The Shea’s YBA Hall Of Fame inducts 5 participants each year. Coaches and league administrators cumulatively select 5 players that have aged out the previous year to be placed on the banner and have their numbers permanently retired. This banner is mounted on the wall right inside the gym entrance on the right hand side, at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center. Coaches and league administrators are instructed to vote for players based on, basketball skill (should be viewed as a good but not necessarily great player), conduct – a player can’t have more than 1 strike (disrespectful behavior, talking down to other kids, conduct deemed detrimental to the league, etc.) throughout their tenure in the program, and we also take into account overall involvement with all aspects of the program. Participants who go above and beyond with things like attending extra “Lend a Hand” community service projects even after their mandatory hours are completed, who take advantage of the tutoring and raise their grades, who volunteer to help out at fundraisers and/or special events, these players will have a better chance to get in then the participants who are just good basketball players.

Shea’s YBA Hall of Fame Banner
2014 Hall of Fame Inductees (From left to right) John Ryan, Sam Willey, Brian Gordon, Sean Glynn, Chris Ladner

The induction ceremony takes place at our annual “Beyond Basketball” event, which is our initiation event prior to the start of the winter program each season. Along with recognition on a 14″ x 14″ square on the banner, each inductee will receive a personalized Shea’s YBA Hall of Fame plaque, featuring a photo of the participant in game action. The banner will be printed with the 5 new inductees prior to “Beyond Basketball” and displayed at this event. Staple sponsors ($5,000+) are given a 14″ x 14″ square of their own to fill with a foundation or company logo. The rest of the banner is currently filled with small 11″ x 14″ posters of different activities and events, but will be eventually removed and replaced with future players to be recognized.