Beyond Basketball

Upon entering each season, all program participants are expected to attend our winter basketball kickoff event called “Beyond Basketball”. Parents are also welcome and encouraged to attend for a better understanding of what Shea’s YBA is all about.

Beyond Basketball utilizes experienced guest speakers to share first-hand personal stories of struggle and perseverance. The speakers focus on the connection between sports, education, and living a healthy lifestyle. From substance abuse awareness and prevention (this is our prime focus), to crime prevention and the truth about the street life (hanging with the wrong crowd), to educating participants on diet and exercise, proper uses of social media (what’s okay and what’s not), anti-bullying, and the importance of academics inside and outside of sports. This portion of the Beyond Basketball event’s main objectives are to give the program participants the tools needed to make good choices when faced with negative influences and temptations, and to show them that if you don’t make excuses and never give up, you can turn any negative situation into a positive situation.

Hall of Fame – Class of 2016

Additionally, Beyond Basketball will introduce both parents and players to the rules and regulations of the program (or any rule changes for returning players). Each participant will receive their uniform and get introduced to their coaches and teammates. The Shea’s YBA “Hall of Fame” inductions also take place prior the conclusion of the evening. Each year the coaches vote on 5 players who have recently aged out of the program, to be recognized at this event. Each of these players will receive a personalized Hall of Fame plaque, as well as a 14″ x 14″ permanently printed space on our Hall of Fame banner, with their number, their last name and the team name for which they last played. This banner sits directly inside the gym at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center. Once a player’s number is retired, it can no longer be worn by a member of that team.